From this page you can download information on LIFE The Green Link and its progress, as well as training material, technical information and dissemination material related to the project.

  • Participation in International Conferences:

1. On the 17 of May 2017 – Final Conference of LIFE Operation CO2, Palencia
Poster LIFE The Green Link: Restoring desertified areas across the Mediterranean Basin

2. On the 9 of June 2017 – ECCA, Glasgow
PosterLIFE The Green Link: Restoring desertified areas across the Mediterranean Basin
AbstractFranco et al 2017. 

3. On the 15 of June 2017 – CONSOWA, Lleida
Poster 1. The Green Link Project: restore desertified areas with an innovative tree growing method across the Mediterranean basin to increase resilience
Abstract 1. Carabassa et al 2017.
Poster 2. Restoring abandoned agro-silvo-pastoral landscapes using the cocoon ecotechnology
Abstract 2Carabassa et al 2017.
Poster 3. Restore desertified areas with an innovative tree Growing method to increase resilence: the Green Link Project in Valencian community (Spain)
Abstract 3Gimeno-García et al 2017. Complete communication: Gimeno-García et al 2017 – Extended

  • Project deliverables & Project progress:

Action A1. Design of planting strategy

Baseline characterisation report ( pdf)
Stakeholder consultation:
Consultation panel – Valencia  (pdf)
Consultation panel – Ptolemaida (pdf)
Consultation panel – Gran Canaria (pdf)
Consultation panel – Catalonia (pdf)
Consultation panel – Almeria (pdf)
Consultation panel – Calabria (pdf)
Questionary survey – Valencia (pdf)
Questionary survey – Ptolemaida (pdf)
Questionary survey – Catalonia (pdf)
Questionary survey – Almeria (pdf)
Questionary survey – Calabria (pdf)

Action A2. Training for partners and staff

Training Material (pdf)
Cocoon planting guide Catalán (pdf)
Cocoon planting guide English (pdf)
Cocoon planting guide Español (pdf)
Cocoon planting guide Greek (pdf)
Cocoon planting guide Italian (pdf)

  • Dissemination and communication material:

Leaflet (pdf)

Notice Board English (pdf)
Notice Board Catalan (pdf)
Notice Board Italian (pdf)
Notice Board Spanish (pdf)
Notice Board Greek (pdf)

Project summary ENG (pdf)
Project logo (pdf)