Project leaflets and notice boards ready for distribution

Volterra has designed the leaflets and notice boards which are a valuable tool to disseminate information about the project to indirect stakeholders and the wider public.

At every planting location the partners have placed a notice board with a description of the project in the local language (Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Greek). Additionally, all project partners have placed a smaller sized copy (A3) of the notice board at their office in their respective working languages.

For now, a total number of 2,000 leaflets (A5 size) are printed and will be distributed in different languages (1,000 in Spanish, 250 in English, 250 in Italian, 250 in Dutch and 250 in Greek). A pdf version of the leaflets and notice boards is available through our download section.

Below you can see the instalation of the small notice board at our partners´ facilities: Volterra, CREAF, Biopoplar, UAL-CAESCG, Vanleijen, CERTH, CGC, GESPLAN, CIDE-CSIC and LLC.

El equipo de Volterra ya ha colocado una copia del cartel del proyecto "The Green Link" en su oficina en Barcelona.