Meeting on Sensoterra in Land Life Company office in Amsterdam

Egbert Sonneveld travelled on January 18th to Amsterdam to meet Oscar Westerhof responsible for the product development and sales of Sensoterra. Also LLC CEO Jurriaan Ruys was present at part of the meeting. Egbert and Sven Kallen just had made a tour of the plantations with Cocoon in the Barcelona area during which the good functioning of the Sensoterra was confirmed but only until a distance of about 200 meters from the base and in flat areas. Ideally this distance should be more and the system should also work in hilly areas. Oscar and Egbert also discussed the trial set up of a Sensoterra in Madrid by Marisa Gandia at the UPM.  Oscar warned not to try the sensor at extreme situations like plunging it into water or in sand with no humidity at all. Sensoterra should be used more to measure humidity fluctuations in the soil than the absolute numbers.