Training on mycorrizhae and their application in Almería

Last January 31st, the Volterra team visited the Almería project site in Chirivel, in order to instruct the landowners and their two employees on the beneficial characteristics of mycorrhizae and how to apply them correctly. Mycorrhizae are a symbiosis between plant roots and beneficial soil fungi. These fungi are naturally present in well-developed ecosystems and help the plant to take-up nutrients and water from the soil more effectively. In response, trees feed the fungi with sugars and other nutrients the fungi can not produce or obtain by themselves. In this way, plant roots and mycorrhizae form a mutually beneficial relationship. In soils that have been exposed to cultivation and land degradation, these fungi are often not present anymore and should be added during tree plantation, in order to secure a healthy tree crop.

In addition to the training, the visit was used to complete the terrain preparations before the planting of the Almond trees (Prunus dulcis) and Tamarix gallica, later this week. Besides the Volterra team and the farmers, representatives of the Regional Government of Andalucía were present at the plantation site to observe its proceedings.

The Volterra team explained the beneficial characteristics of mycorrhizae and how to apply them during planting. During the technical visit the planting material was inspected and the last terrain preparations were done.