Attendance to the international seminar: How to face climate change

Attendance to the international seminar: How to face climate change

On the first of February 2017,  Sven Kallen and Egbert Sonneveld participated at the Seminar  ¿How to face climate change?

The seminar was organized by the INIAV (Instituto Nacional de investigaçao Agrária e veterinária) in colaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, in Oeiras, Portugal.

The Embassy of the Netherlands and the agrarian institute INIAV organised a seminar on how to face climate change challenging the agriculture sector in Portugal. Volterra’s founders Egbert Sonneveld and Sven Kallen were invited to present their experience in different Life soil restoration projects using agro ecological and agro forestry techniques. They have demonstrated that applying innovative techniques (mycorrhiza and soil bacteria, integral planning, etc.) in combination with old-fashioned logic and successful practices from the past (crop rotation, sowing on ridges, reintroduction of traditional crops, etc.) form the ingredients for a quick turnaround of poor and fragil soils to make these productive again in a sustainable way.

Sven Kallen also had the chance to mention the new Life Climate Change project ‘The Green Link’ where a smart ‘water bucket’ the Cocoon, a tree planting system, is used to plant trees in extremely arid circumstances. There was a lot of interest for the seminar and especially for the Life projects.

Click on the links to see the  Program and the presentation.

Below some pictures of the day.