Questionnaires ready for the surveys on local perception on ecosystem services

UAL-CAESCG has completed the questionnaires that will be used for the monitoring of the socio-economic impact of LIFE The Green Link. This month, each partner will start with a survey that consists of a series of written inquiries of inhabitants of its respective project areas. The visits to the project areas will also be used to distribute leaflets about the project, in order to raise more awareness among the inhabitants of the areas.

During the interviews, the respondents will be questioned about their personal perception on the area they live in, which benefits they obtain from the ecosystem and the importance of these benefits for them, their family and the local economy. The survey will help us to understand the material, spiritual, economic and emotional connection the inhabitants of the project areas have with the rural landscapes they live in. During the project, the project partners will do follow-up research in order to monitor the project´s impact on people´s perceptions and connections with their environment.

UAL-CAESCG developed a different questionnaire for each project area, adapted to its local species, problematics and circumstances. The questionnaires are available to download from our download section.

During the survey, the respondents are asked about their opinions of the services provided by the ecosystem.