Volterra´s cover crop specialist visits Tous project site

Volterra´s recently contracted cover crop specialist visited the plantation site in Tous, in order to study the possibilities for the establishment of a green cover at this site. A green cover typically consists of a biodiverse seed mix that is sown in-between the tree alleys in order to keep the soil covered all year round, protecting it from direct soil radiation and retaining soil humidity. The combination of a biodiverse green cover and added microbiology (beneficial fungi and soil bacteria) will help to develop the soil, protect it from erosion and reverse degradation processes.

The green cover to be decided for Tous and all the other Green Link planting areas will where possible include commercially interesting crops that are harvestable (e.g. animal fodder, cereals for human consumption or aromatic plants) and will in this way improve the economic profitability of the plantation sites.
A green cover and a flourishing soil microbiology will help to develop the soil and reverse degradation processes.The cover crop specialist will look for a green cover that is well-adapted to the local circumstances and includes commercially interesting species. (picture from University of California - Riverside)