Spring planting El Bruc completed

Under supervision of the teams of Volterra and CREAF, the spring planting in El Bruc has been brought to an end successfully. We planted a total of 3200 seedlings of a variety of native species, including Wild Cherry (Prunus avium), Olive (Olea europaea subsp. europaea), Holm Oak (Quercus ilex subsp. ilex) and Carob Tree (Ceratonia siliqua).

During the planting activities, the teams of Volterra and CREAF visited the trial site of the autumn plantation, in order to check the state of the planted trees and Cocoons. The majority of the trees was found to be in good shape, although a part of the Cocoons had been damaged or caved in. We could also see that some of the Cocoons are already starting to degrade biologically, releasing valuable nutrients to the plant while maintaining a favourable microhabitat. Seven months after the execution of the first plantation, we can see the value the first project year has had for the improvement of planting techniques and the Cocoon itself. In the plantations executed during this spring, we have started to use an improved type of tree shelters and insisted even more on a correct installation of the Cocoons. Furthermore, we are happy to continue working on the design of the Cocoon, in order to improve its effectiveness and further augment survival rates.

Over the last few weeks we have planted a total of 3200 seedlings in the area surrounding El Bruc. A variety of indegenous species was planted, including Holm Oak, Wild Cherry, Carob Tree and Olive.For its functioning, it is very important to place and cover the Cocoon in a correct manner.A part of the Cocoons is starting to degrade biologically, seven months after its plantation.The soil that was planted last autumn is already recovering its vegetation.