Volterra participates to a tree planting session by Maggi (Nestlé), Conesa and Fundación Global Nature in Badajoz

Maggi invited some of their most important stakeholders in Germany to visit the sustainable tomato production fields and facilities of Conesa in Badajoz last August 22nd. The objective of the trip was to explain the whole tomato process from farm to ingredient or finished product. Fundación Global Nature is partner in the project to advise on increasing the biodiversity and consequently the natural pest control around the tomato plants. Especially important is the presence of trees for bats and other predator birds. For this reason, FGN asked Volterra to contribute with Cocoons to plant trees on the border of the tomato fields and in the buffer zones along the river side.

Volterra accepted with pleasure this invitation to collaborate since this is another replication experience in planting trees with the Cocoon. It goes without saying that it was an honor to work with renown food companies like Nestlé and Conesa through the collaboration of FGN who we know very well since we come across each other in many EU Life projects. Egbert Sonneveld from Volterra explained the principles of the Cocoon and each participant could plant its own tree to which their name was added.