Technical visit and local awareness visit at the demonstration area in Greece

On 30th August 2017, Dr. Panagiotis Grammelis, Scientific Responsible of CERTH, Mr. Dimitrios Kourkoumpas and Mr. Akis Papadelis from CERTH/CPERI have realized a site  technical visit in the pilot area, where mapping and evaluation of tree plantations took place.

The next day, as part of the Local Awareness activities, Dr. Grammelis has visited the Regional Authority of Western Macedonia, in order to discuss the results of the Life15 CCA/ES/000125 THE GREEN LINK project, as well as to plan next steps. Dr. Grammelis has met with Mr. Zinon Pitselis, Development Plannning Director and Mr. Dimitrios Mavromatidis, the representative of the Regional Authority of Western Macedonia and presented to them the project. He also distributed some information flyers.

Lastly, on Friday September the 1st, Dr. Grammelis has visited CERTH’s premises in Thessaloniki, in order to discuss organization issues, regarding the upcoming 1st technical seminar.