Volterra visits Landlifecompany in Amsterdam on November 30th

Egbert Sonneveld visited the LLC head office to meet with Harrie Lövenstein and Charlotte Jongejan to discuss the results of the trials in Spain and how to proceed for the coming planting campaign including replication areas with the Cocoon. There are some very promising projects coming up.  Egbert and Harrie already had several exchanges lately on experiences with pictures on the water tightness of the Cocoon. It seems that the type and especially the activity in the soil have a direct influence on how fast the Cocoon is emptying itself. Harrie explains that the wicks are emptying quicker if they are exposed to the air.  Also stones pressuring the walls of the Cocoon can make small cracks and consequently a leakage. Egbert noted that in some Cocoons he has seen roots growing though the wall from the outside to the inside. This is a very natural aspect since roots will always grow towards a place with moisture.  However the high survival percentage of the trees in the Green Link project confirms that the Cocoon has an important role even if the water is not retained during a longer period.