Students of agrarian institute instructed on climate change and innovative forestry techniques for reforestation of abandoned areas

Today, students of the Agrarian Department of the Istituto Superiore L. Costanzo di Decollatura  (Cosenza, Region of Calabria, Italy) started a two days educational event organised by The Green Link partner Biopoplar Srl, with support of Van Leijen Srl.

They were hosted at the premises of Biopoplar’s subcontractor Vivaio Allasia Plant Magna Grecia to receive information on climate change and related global policies, what the LIFE programme does to mitigate climate change and adapt agro-forestal practices to changed climate conditions and, of course, what The Green Link project strives at and what it has done so far.

Tomorrow they will engage in a field visit to the trial area in San Marco Argentano (Cosenza, Region of Calabria, Italy), where they will be shown the trees planted during the last year with Cocoons and further informed on the Cocoon technology and on the implications of climate change on land use and forestry.