Delivery of 100 Cocoons to the rural tourism company TAMADABA S.L.

The Green Link project, through the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and GESPLAN, had delivered 100 cocoons to the rural tourism company, TAMADABA S.L., which manages the rural tourism and nature complex called Redondo de Guayedra.

This complex is located within a property of more than 200 hectares, in the Special Conservation Area of Tamadaba (49_GC, LIC: ES0000111) which belongs to the Red Natura 2000 and the Tamadaba Natural Park, of very high ecological, cultural and archaeological value, where, in collaboration with the Cabildo, a large-scale reforestation action is being carried out.

This territory has the historical peculiarity that it belongs to the last indigenous king of Gran Canaria, Fernando Guanarteme and retained its own legal status, recognized by the Catholic Monarchs themselves.