Baseline Study in Matamorisca

On March 27th, Harrie Lovenstein, technical manager of project LIFE The Green Link, together with Gautham Ramachanda and James Liu, specialists respectively in ecosystems and carbon fixation from Land Life Company, met in Matamorisca (Palencia) with Egbert Sonneveld and Nacho Martín, forestry engineer from Volterra, to study the land on which a plantation of native trees, partly with Cocoons,  promoted by LeasePlan will be located to compensate for its CO2 emissions.

The members of Land Life Company and Volterra took advantage of this visit to discuss the suitability of the chosen species and quantify their carbon uptake over a 30-year period. In addition, Santiago Martinez, from IRIS Drone Specialists, was present to assist in the project’s baseline study. The big challenge of this plantation will be to protect the young trees against attacks of herbivore wild animals. Volterra and Iris are participating in a Life project ‘Laser Fence’ in which the aim is to protect areas against this type of attacks. A plan is being made to do a trial in the surroundings of Matamorisca.