Replication trial taking shape with private sector support

Recently we were in Matamorrisca to develop a new replication project. Thanks to the cooperation with Landlife Company we obtained interest from a Dutch company called LeasePlan to offset part of their carbon emissions on this land, so they want to become a private Replicator on a public land (owned by the Junta de Castilla León). This is a great accomplishment for our LIFE project as most of the cost will be paid for by the Dutch company. Volterra (technical assistance) and Landlife (Cocoons & mycorrhizae) will support this plantation, which is hopefully the start for larger land restoration projects in the near future applying the Green Links’s lessons learned. We also count on the help of regional NGO Fundación Oxygeno who have pledged to support the Cocoon plantings after our recent successful cooperation in Padilla de Abajo.