Start with ambitious replication in Matamorisca (Palencia)

Landlifecompany and Volterra have started to plant trees as a carbon compensation project for the car leasing company Leaseplan.  On 20 hectares about 15.000 trees will be planted of which 1000 with a Cocoon as a replication of the Life Green Link project. Nacho Martin, forestry engineer from Volterra, together with Harrie Lövenstein from Landlifecompany made a design in 6 sectors each with a variety of species depending if the aim is wood production or increasing the bio diversity. In order to harvest rain water a Keyline design was applied as well. The 1000 Cocoons will be spread over all 3 sectors to investigate its effectiveness with different types of trees and different types of soil.

The totality of the plantation has been subcontracted to Gaspar Caparó of Ferca Agroentorn in Tarragona since he brings with him all the experience of planting with Cocoons in El Bruc (Cataluña) in the Life project. Gaspar has also a smart way of planting traditionally (without Cocoon) with light equipment and self developed tools. The plantation will take several weeks depending on the weather conditions and available man power. Part of the Cocoons are expected to be planted by volunteers under supervision of Nacho and Gaspar who are trained in planting with Cocoons.