The forestry departments of the Junta of Castilla y Leon in Valladolid and in Palencia visit the plantation in Matamorisca (Palencia)

On May 23th the heads of the forestry departments visited the site. From Valladolid JJavier Ezquerra, Juan Manuel Calvo and from Palencia María Dolores Ruiz y María Antonia Llamas came all the way up of the north of Palencia. They were accompanied by José María Martínez who is the local representative of the Junta de Castilla y Leon. Gaspar Caparó and Nacho Martin explained how the plantation was designed with Keyline principals to harvest rainwater. This was the first time that the representatives of the Junta saw a plantation partly with Cocoons. They were very interested in it since it is well know that this area suffers big temperature and moisture fluctuation during summer. The Cocoon will also protect against the harsh winds and as well as the late frosts. The forestry experts will definitely mention the Cocoon in their talks to the forestry companies and individuals in Castilla y León.