Visit of Allasia Plant Magna Grecia to Life Green Link replication site in Palencia Spain

Francesco Fazio and his son Giuseppe visited the site of Matamorisca in Palencia to see a state-of-the-art plantation with Cocoons and traditional side by side. The plantation in Palencia by LandLifeCompany and Volterra is for carbon compensation for large companies. As the same time the plantation gives economic value to the local population and restores biodiversity on bare soil.

Allasia Plant Magna Grecia is the planter for Life partner Biopoplar in Italy where the trial site was planted with the Cocoons in 2017. Egbert Sonneveld from Volterra invited Francesco and Giuseppe during the last Steering Committee Meeting in Calabria. They are all convinced that the Cocoon will have its place in the tree planting market especially after further developments on the product and on the planting method.

Unfortunately the weather in Palencia was not that good so it was difficult to give a planting demonstration with the Cocoon. The visitors have noticed the changes on the cover and the shelter of the Cocoon and they think that this will give more strength to the system. They have also noticed that the wicks were removed from the Cocoon since the trials in the Green Link project demonstrated that the Cocoon without the wicks is as effective if not better.