Networking with the association Sempre Verde Pro Natura Latina

The Green Link will be presented to volunteers and institutional stakeholders collaborating with the association Sempre Verde Pro Natura Latina during the 1° #Reforest Workshop Day. The event takes place on Saturday 23th of June 2018 in the meeting room of the ornithological Museum l’Imbarcadero Borgo Di Villa Fogliano (Latina), thanks to the kind concession of the Carabinieri Biodiversity Department of Fogliano and National Parc Circeo.

Association Sempre Verde is an ONG and unites a group of volunteers in a growing number of municipalities of the Lazio Region that engage in the protection of the natural environment, the knowledge and the valorisation of the territory. Amongst its activities it boasts reforestation, performed in urban and not urban areas as well as in natural parks. Sempre Verde is affiliated to Federazione Pro Natura, the oldest Italian association for the environment.

During the workshop, participants will discuss their activities for the forthcoming year, amongst which participation in replication activities of The Green Link will be considered.