Plantation with Cocoon by neighboring volunteers of Matamorisca (Palencia)

The neighbors of Matamorisca, municipality of Aguilar de Campoo, animated by the President of the neighborhood council, Santiago Guerrero Martínez, have planted on June 16 with their own hands about 50 trees with Cocoon. They have seen in May professionals from LandLifeComany, Volterra and Foresa (subcontracted company), planting several hundred Cocoons on the 20-hectare of public land. Santiago and his neighbors are very interested to see the results with the Cocoons in the large plantation but also in a communal plot next to the emblematic Romanesque church of San Juan Bautista.

He grabbed occasion to explain to the youngest of Matamorisca the importance of planting trees to keep the soil covered with a perennial plant. It is also expected to produce fruits such as apples, hazelnuts and nuts for neighbors and wild animals in the future.