Successful replication project celebrated in Matamorisca

Successful replication project celebrated in Matamorisca

Initially started as a replication activity, the Matamorisca planting was supported by Leaseplan, and future projects will be fully privately funded on land of the Junta de Castilla y León.

This is one of the largest autonomous regions in Europe and has the goal to reforest 600.000 ha the coming years. Their interest is to learn from new technologies employed in LIFE The Green Link project (Cocoon, mycorrhizae, drone/big data, etc.) to increase survival rates and lower planting costs.

To celebrate this public-private partnership an “opening” event was organised by Volterra, to join all stakeholders including NGOs, external companies and civil society in order to show the work done and formulate more ambitious reforestation goals.

It is Leaseplan’s intent to neutralize its own fleet’s emissions and will use project partners Land Life Company and Volterra to realise future plantations in Spain. The event was attended by the Dutch Embassador to Spain (Mr Matthijs van Bonzel), the Consejero de Fomento y Medio Ambiente of Castilla y Léon (Mr. Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones), the Director General del Medio Natural (Mr. José Ángel Arranz Sanz), the mayors of Aguilar de Campoo, Matamorisca and Pomar, as well as the CEOs of LeasePlan and Land Life Company.

A symbolic tree was planted by all of them and detailed information about the Cocoon and its functioning was given. Furthermore, a team of Leaseplan Spain executives planted over 50 Cocoons as part of their CSR volunteering activities.

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