Replication activities in Italy – Apulia

Update: another replication site established in Italy within The Green Link Project: Apulia

on March 25th 2019 agricultural company Guaceto completed the planting of 50 trees with Cocoon® in a field close to Brindisi(Apulia).

A total of 1.500 plants were planted in rows, on a surface of 1,5 hectares, creating a belt of forestry trees in front of the shoreline. The whole area suffers both from strong summer drought and exposure to salty sea winds, reason why the selected species are those typical of the Mediterranean maquis.

All the trees will be irrigated by drop irrigation, except for the 50 saplings planted with the cocoon, which permit thus to compare growth and survival rates. Besides the positive environmental impact, this belt will also provide an important protective function from an agricultural point of view, as it shields the olive groves behind it from marine aerosol.