External replicators in Gran Canaria

La Fundación Foresta is a private, no-profit entity with the aim to Recover, Mantain and Conserve the Canary islands’ Forest. Its work consists mainly in Reforestation to slow down the serious desertification y erosion process that this islands are suffering. In this way they pursue the objective to recover and improve the extraordinary  Trabaja mediante la Reforestación, frenando así el grave proceso de desertización y erosión que sufren las islas y recuperando y mejorando el excepcional Environmental and Cultural Heritage of Canary’s islands.

This fundation was from the beginning identified as one of the external partner to be contacted, for the shared objectives it has with LIFE The Green Link project. For this reason they were provided with various Cocoons (13), for which the manager D. Sergio Armas was responsible. In this way they will be able to test themselves in their environmental restoration actions.

Yuo can here download the PDF version of the news (SPA) 2019_03_22_RE_fundación foresta GC