Facing the Mediterranean desertification with the Cocoon

A new dissemination activity within The Green Link project was carried out Wednesday 10/04/2019. In this case, I visited the Institute of Secondary Education “El Saler” (Valencia) where I presented the project and the main results to a group of 20 students (18-48 years old). They are studying a “Certificate of Higher Education” on Education and Environmental Control. In this title, several modules are taught (Structure and Dynamics of the Environment, Human Activities and Environmental Problems and Environmental Management) under the supervision of the teachers Lourdes Miralles and Cristina Guaita (who also attended the presentation).

In this course, the soil and its degradation are main topics, and students were very interested about cocoon technology and the great possibilities that it can offer to reduce such environmental problem. We did not visit the plantation sites but it is possible to say that, in general, the presentation was received with great attention and the feedback received from participants was very stimulating.

Whatch the presentation here.

Afrontar la desertificación en el Mediterráneo con el Cocoon (Dr. Julián Campo – CSIC-CIDE)