An overall presentation of the Green Link project was made in the workshop organized by Centre for Research and Technological Hellas/ Institute of Chemical Processes and Energy Resources (CERTH / CPERI) in collaboration with the Municipality of Amynteo.

The workshop was held on Thursday, April 18, 2019 under the European Project LIFE 16 CCM / GR / 000044 LIFE Biomass C +: “Low-cost, carbon positive bioethanol production with innovative Green Floating Filters in multiple water bodies” with the following title: “Possibilities and prospects for biomass utilization in Amynteo”.

Through this workshop, dissemination of the project’s progress and networking with other projects, like LIFE Biomass C+ and uP_running (Horizon2020), was achieved as well.

Click here to see the presentation WORKSHOP_Possibilities and prospects of biomass utilization in Amynteo

Figure 1. Mr. Kourkoumpas presents the project Biomass C+.

Figure 2. Mr. Kourkoumpas is discussing with the Mayor of Amynteo.

Figure 3. Mr. Papadelis presents the Green Link project.

Figure 4. Attendants of the workshop.