Students of Highschool “Cardarelli” in Tarquinia have planted trees with the Cocoon in order to reforest a dry area owned by the highschool. On the 15th of May the students planted 10 indigenous tree species typical of the Mediterranean flora, that were provided by the nursery of the Forest Police of Sabaudia. On the 16th the works were competed with a control group of the same plants planted without cocoon. During the forthcoming months, the students will monitor the plantation according to the protocol provided by LIFE The Green Link project.

The initiative was started-up with 2 half days of teaching on the topics of climate change and reforestation, offered to students of the agrarian as well as the scientific section. Teaching staff of the institute –  Elisabetta Rovenni,  Odoardo Basili and Francesco Marchese – participated in the activity, as well as the Forest Police of the Saline di Tarquinia and Van Leijen European Cooperation & Grants. An excellent example of a collaboration network put in place by environmental engineer Federico Boccalaro.