LIFE The Green Link ‘s southest replication initiative in Italy

LIFE The Green Link ‘s southest replication initiative in Italy took place in these days in Lampedusa in the framework of a huge comparative trial on implementation of Desertification Adaptation Management plans performed within the LIFE project LIFE Desert-Adapt (LIFE16 CCA/IT/000011).

University of Palermo and local Municipality at Lampedusa are implementing the Desertification Adaptation Management plan (DAM) adopted for the project site on this island, using plant growing aids, in this case Cocoons, to help newly planted species to survive summer aridity in the first year or more. This is an example of techniques that can be combined with a specific function (reforestation or climate resilient tree crops) to sustainably recover ecosystem services and economic value of degraded areas. In LIFE Desert-Adapt 10 sites will implement their own DAM plan with many different examples of adaptation measures and functions. All the sites will test different plant aids. This first cocoon set is run in collaboration with the LIFE project ‘The Green Link’. Stay tuned with Desert-Adapt to learn more on adaptation measures and their successfull applications.