Replication of LIFE-The Green Link in Turin

On June 4, 2019, the replication field of Life-The Green Link, done in Turin as part of the Urban Forestry project, promoted by the City of Turin and the Piemonte Region, hosted the official visit of the Italian Minister of Environment, protection of territory and Sea, Dr. Sergio Costa.

During his inspection at the former industrial and degraded area of Basse di Stura, the Minister appreciated the idea of environmental requalification designed and implemented thanks to the multidisciplinary synergy of the partners involved.

In particular, he dedicated curiosity and considerable attention to the Cocoon® device, used on an experimental basis outside its traditional area of use, the Mediterranean coastal zones; in fact, the features of this land: techno-soil rich in tailings, with an high percentage of skeleton and characterized by an high water infiltration rate, have led to a drought not for climatic motivations but for the pedological ones, which caused the difficult affirmation of the arboreal and shrubby vegetation.