Networking with Horizon 2020 project BIOFIT

Today, CERTH team visited the tested plots of LIFE The Green Link project in Ptolemais with the partners of the Horizon 2020 project BIOFIT. During the visit, they informed from CERTH team, Akis Papadelis and Dimitris Kourkoumpas, about The Green Link project, how cocoon technology works and how effectively the tree seedlings can grow. In addition, Akis Papadelis made a presentation of the establishment of a cocoon and a shelter. Leaflets of the project and a map with the trees and the tested plots were distributed to each partner of BIOFIT project.  During the visit, the attendees expressed their interest about cocoon technology and how innovative it is for the earth’s future and for the contribution to the climate change mitigation.

  1. Demonstration of cocoon establishment.

2. Notice board of Life The Green Link project

3. Leaflet and map with tested plots and trees