On December 8, within the framework of the United Nations conference on climate change 2019 #COP25, the event’s official planting was carried out in #LazRozas-Madrid where about 1,000 trees between holm oaks, hawthorn and pines were planted in order to fix approximately 200 tons of CO2 over 40 years.

Among the approximately 140 attendees, stands out the amount of children present at the event. The new generation showed their commitment to the fight against the climate crisis and got their hands dirty to plant trees in order to counteract the consequences of climate change.

Additionally to the local community and COP25 participants, international delegates of #COP25 and some parliamentarians were also present, including:

  • Mr. Gonzalo Muñoz, High-Level Climate Action Champion of the COP25,
  • Mr. Guillermo Scallan, Director of Social Innovation of Fundación AVINA, Director of the Advanced Innovation Center, Director and Partner of Cultiva Cultiva SAD,
  • Mr. Jan Versteeg, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Spain,
  • Mr. Bart Vrolijk, Economic Advisor of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Madrid,
  • Ms. Nina Berendsen, Agricultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Madrid.
  • Ms. Agnes Mulder, member of the Dutch parliament on the part of the CDA party and member of the Economy and Climate Commission,
  • Mr. William Moorlag, member of the Dutch parliament by the PVDA party and member of the Economy and Climate Commission,
  • Mr. José de la Uz, Mayor of Las Rozas,
  • Mr. Jordi Juanós, director of the Plant-for-the-Planet Spain Foundation,
  • Mr. Eduardo de Miguel, director of the Global Nature Foundation,
  • Mr. Víctor Viñuelas, director of the Community for Climate,
  • Mr. Sander Keulen, international director of Land Life Company, The Netherlands,
  • Mr. Sven Kallen, General Manager Volterra Ecosystems SL

Some innovative tools that were presented and used during the event captured the attention of the attendees; The Cocoon developed by @LandLifeCompany, is a biodegradable tool that stores 25 liters of water and helps plants survive in arid conditions.

The enriched Biochar provided by @LifeTerra_Europe,obtained from pruning that is often wasted, is used to activate soil microbiology and promote moisture retention.

Lastly, the monitoring app also developed by @LandLifeCompany records each tree planted and allows you to monitor its growth and health status. The app already contains information on the 600,000 trees planted in Spain since 2018 by the same company in cooperation with @VolterraEcosystems.

This important planting act was carried out with the support of the LIFE program of the European Union, in the framework of the replication and dissemination activities of the project LIFE The Green Link.

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