Next planting days on April 17 and September 18, 2020

Climate change decreases the availability of water in Catalonia and affects the agricultural sector, which progressively finds it more difficult to make viable rainfed plantations. LandLifeCompany is a company that has developed the “Cocoon” system, a device that increases seedling survival during the first summer drought. This methodology, of low cost and without harmful effects for the environment, has been implemented in numerous countries around the world, with remarkable success.

The Emys Foundation and CREAF, in collaboration with the LIFE The Green Link project, have created a demonstrative itinerary at the Can Moragues estate that shows the benefits of the “Cocoon” methodology in a visual and didactic way, showing in a journey of less than a kilometer three plantations in length: holm oaks, olive trees and ash trees, in addition to some fruit trees.

On this day, December 13, the agricultural applications of technology were shown, evaluating the precedents and the advantages and limitations for planting woody crops, in addition to doing planting practices with olive trees and fruit trees. This day is part of the demonstration activity “The system” Cocoon “: Eco-technology at the service of ecological restoration and agriculture in the Mediterranean basin”.

Planting days take place on April 17 and September 18, 2020