The installation of the Cocoon system in the Fortuna mine (Ademuz) within the framework of the LIFE TECMINE project arises after establishing contact with the LIFE The Green Link project (LIFE15 CCA / ES / 125) which is testing this restoration technique in degraded environments and ecosystems.

The main objective is to compare and evaluate the planting technique using Cocoon with the other techniques applied in the LIFE TECMINE project. During the plantation work carried out last December (2019), 20 Cocoons were installed with the species Pinus nigra (10) and Ramnus alaternus (10). The same number of individuals of each species was selected for the installation of the microbasins with dry wells and irrigation pipes. Moreover, 10 individuals of each species were planted in microbasin holes. In order to carry out a good interpretation of the results, survival and growth will be monitored over the next two years.