Last replication activities completed in Greece

CERTH/CREPI completed the replication activities on February 2020. One of the two replication sites was the reclaimed area after lignite mine closure in the Municipality of Amyntaio. This action was conducted in cooperation with PPC. The other site was a forest area in cooperation with the Forest department of Kozani and the Municipality of Voio.

In the reclaimed land of the Municipality of Amyntaio, 450 trees established with cocoon technology and 50 control trees. The species established were Sophora japonica, Fraxinus ornus and Paulownia tomentosa. In the forest area of Voio Municiplaity, 100 trees established with cocoon technology and 20 control trees. The species of the trees established were Quercus macedonica, Farxinus olnus and Pinus nigra.

All the third party organization expressed their strong interest in these project activities.

Indicative pictures from the replicated areas: