Successful final conference celebration in Barcelona

The conference promoted the debate on demonstrating the feasibility of land restoration through the Cocoon technology. 85 people attended the event, including project partners, interested groups, colleagues in research and representatives of the press.

Special guests from other two LIFE project were invited to discuss the interconnection of projects in land restoration.

The conference’s agenda was divided in three blocks (programme):

The first block presented the background of the worldwide process of desertification and land restoration interventions in Europe:

1. Josep Maria Alcañiz Facing climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean ecosystem restoration and management (ENG)
2. Vincente Andreu Desertification in the Mediterranean (ENG)
3. Jordi Cortina The state of ecological restoration in Europe. Facing a decade of challenges (ENG)

Within the second block The green link ecotechnology and strategy was discussed in details:

4. Harrie Lovenstein The Cocoon ecotechnology: how does it work? (ENG)
5. Vinçent Carabassa Results about the trials (ENG)
6. Daniela Alba-Patiño Ecosystem services perception (ENG)
7. Sven Kallen Replication activities and future opportunities (ENG)

The third block consisted of presentations from other LIFE project with connected aims:

8. Rafael da Silveira Bueno Adaptation approaches to land management in areas under degradation and desertification risk: LIFE Desert-Adapt (ENG)
9. Míriam Piqué LIFE MixForChange (ENG)

Articles and TV spots can be found in the press section.

Here you can find the final conference material we provide that day: Layman’s Report, Notice Board