Technical Seminar (online) about the Cocoon Ecotechnology

On the 12th of June, project partners organised a technical seminar dedicated to “The Cocoon: an innovative methodology for ecological restoration and rainfed agriculture“. The seminar was held online and gathered more than 60 participants.

Some aspects of the Cocoon Ecotechnology were explained by project partners, including technical aspects of the Cocoon planting device, results of its implementation, large-scale applications, economic feasibility, and the case study of Can Moragues.

Download the Programme of the seminar and all Presentations here:

1. El Cocoon: precedents, funcionament i resultats al camp, Mr Vicenç Carabassa, CREAF (CAT)
2. Aplicació del Cocoon a gran escala i viabilitat econòmica, Mr Sven Kallen, Volterra (ESP)
3. El projecte demostratiu de Can Moragues: plantacions i monitorització de resultats, Mr Ander Achotegui (CAT)

You can also see the video of the complete seminar, published in the RuralCat platform.