Volterra is preparing the cover crop seeds in El Bruc

We have had a bit of rain, hopefully soon we will get more. In any case it is time to prepare the seeds for the cover crop to be tested in certain rows between the Cocoons. Today we prepared the mixture of grass and legume seeds of six species in order to favor erosion control, fix nitrogen to the soil and provide additional biomass for livestock. The mix is perennial and consists of:

  • 20 % Festuca arundinacea FAWN
  • 20 % Dactylis glomerata AMBA
  • 20 % Lolium rigidum WINMERA
  • 15 % Onobrychis viciifolia
  • 15 % Vicia sativa MARAINNA
  • 10 % Trifolium alexandrinum ALEX

We used a cement mixer and mixed the seeds with soil bacteria and mycorrhiza from Plant Health Cure  as well as a natural glue. By the end of this week we hope to sow and will update you on the results.