Visit of Land Life Company and Volterra to Campanarios de Azaba of Fundacion Naturaleza y Hombre

Following the visit of Egbert Sonneveld from Volterra to a tree planting plot of FNyH in Campanarios de Azaba (Salamanca), R&D Director Harry Lövenstein of LLC, visited the site as well. Forestry engineer Nacho Martin, relatively new in Volterra, joined as well to see the planting with the latest version of the Cocoon and with the valuable instructions and comments from Harrie. FNyH President Carlos Sanchez received the visitors and explained that the plot of about 10 hectares is part of Life project ‘Club de Fincas’ and that is a very sandy soil with a lot of complications specially to retain the scarce rain water this year.

Harrie was not disappointed by the actual soil conditions in Campanarios. It is a very sandy soil but there is some loam in it and even some moisture! Pre watering the planting hole is not necessary. However the planters have to select some higher plants for the Cocoons to collect a maximum quantity of sun light. The decision was made to plant on several plots of the Life project ‘Club de Fincas’ with other soil conditions, some trees with a Cocoon as well. Land Life Company and Volterra are extremely happy that FNyH is willing to help replicating the plantings with Cocoons in their projects.