The Green Link – Results

This project aims to contribute to the development of effective adaptation strategies across the Mediterranean region demonstrating practical solutions in a number of different areas.

Expected results

  1. 90% survival rate after planting for all the species selected.
  2. Savings of up to 50% for planters (taking into account lower maintenance and dead trees repositioning costs) vs. traditional methods in these areas.
  3. Soil quality improvement by 20% due to improved water retention, and further green cover, microorganism and mycorrhiza. Planting along height lines will also help prevent soil erosion.
  4. Increase of biodiversity by at least 15%, and positive growth of soil carbon stock over time.
  5. Comprehensive modelling and mapping of local ecosystem services.
  6. Increased awareness and dissemination of adaptation strategies on forest management among stakeholders (particularly on EU relevant legislation and objectives).

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1. Survival rate

2-3. Increase Biodiversity and Soil quality improvements

4. High replicability potential

5. Economic analysis

6. Socio-economic analysis and mapping of local ecosystem services

7. Market uptake

8. Increased awareness & dissemination and Contribution to European policy