The Green Link – Objectives

What is this project trying to achieve?

The Green Link aims to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of an innovative tree growing method that has the potential to restore desertified areas across the Mediterranean border.

Through six trials in Spain, Italy and Greece in areas that suffer from desertification, the project will:

  1. Demonstrate that Cocoon technology can help combat desertification and climate change
  2. Demonstrate the economic feasibility of an improved and more sustainable technology to plant trees
  3. Design specific ecological interventions (study of assisted migration of species)
  4. Integrate novel methodologies for the assessment of climate change impact and resilience in the future.
  5. Map ecosystem services for adaptation strategies in order to gain a better understanding of the positive outputs of the project.
  6. Replicate the project experience and actively engage stakeholders

In this way, The Green Link project expects to contribute to the climate objective by especially addressing climate resilience and carbon sequestration. Halting desertification processes in 3 Mediterranean countries through the creation of ‘green pockets’ while creating a ‘green link’; a corridor that will interconnect habitats and help the system become more resilient so that they are less likely to experience disturbances. In addition, the landscape features between habitat patches, have a role in enhancing connectivity and the capacity of the ecosystem to provide goods and services.

The following table illustrate several impacts of climate change addressed by the project and the objectives to achieve.