Biopoplar S.r.l

Born in 2005 from the fifty years of experience of the Allasia family, Biopoplar has established itself in the European landscape among the main companies that provide services for the whole chain of energy crops, first of all ligno-cellulosic biomass for Short and Medium Rotation (Short Rotation Forestry and Medium Rotation Forestry).

Biopoplar has two business units in Europe, in Italy (Cavallermaggiore, in province of Cuneo) and in Spain (Girona, Catalonia). The company has always been actively involved in the improvement of the different phases of the productive process of energy crops. This has been possible thanks to scientific collaborations with leading national and European research institutes and to the experience gained from the development of the energetic chains in different European countries.

The know-how achieved working with customers with different nature and origin and with a team of companies formed by Allasia Plant S.s., Allasia Plant Magna Grecia (Calabria) and Almaverde Energia has allowed to our group to become a reference point for all the actors of the agro-energy chain, both at national and international level.

The company has experience in international feasibility studies, experimental tests, realization of productive particles, technical support and partnership regarding forestry projects and biomass production. As part of our long-term strategy Biopoplar wants to explore diversification of our biomass sources. So we are interested to trial with new species with potential other than poplar. The south of Italy has a very good climate for growth but lack of water is the main barrier. So, if this could be solved with a low-cost device this could be a good solution for us, hence our interest to participate in the trials in this new LIFE project which we will organise in close cooperation with our daughter company Allasia Plant Magna Grecia s.s., located in Calabria (Località Santa Margherita 88049 Soveria Mannelli, CZ).

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