Cabildo de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria’s surface area is 1,560 km² with a population of 838,397 (in 2010). Nearly half of the island territory is under protection by the Canary Islands Network for Protected Natural Areas. In addition, Gran Canarias has a ‘Biosphere Reserve’, which covers approximately a third of the island and includes several natural protected areas and monuments. For geographical and operational reasons, the competence in natural protected areas has been progressively transferred from the Government of the Canary Archipelago to the insular administrations (The Cabildos) that are now the main actors for the conservation and protection of the rural and natural environment. The Cabildo de Gran Canaria is therefore the responsible administrative authority for forest services, livestock tracks and pastures; environmental protection and management and conservation of protected natural areas (Decreto 111/2002 of 9 August – BOC No. 110, 16.08.2002)

The Cabildo de Canarias has been involved in several projects of nature conservation interest and environment as well as in reforesting eroded areas.

However, in previous years they had very low survival rates for the trees planted (in some cases up to 70% of trees planted did not survive its first summer). The aim of this reforestation project is to create knowledge about the Cocoon concept and prove it works. The Cabildo hopes to connect this initiative and its results with other associations or organizations that could be interested in planting certain economic tree species that could turn them into enthusiastic ambassadors of the cocoon. The ultimate goal is to create sustainable employment for the local people, and attract local tourism to the areas. The involvement of local community and stakeholders as well as networking activities will be easily achievable thanks to the Cabildo’s recent experience in 6 LIFE+ projects: LIFE93NAT/ES/113, LIFE97ENV/ES/252, LIFE07NAT/ES/759; LIFE12NAT/ES/354, LIFE12NAT/ES/286 & LIFE14NAT/ES/077.

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