Land Life Company

landlifecompany.comThe Land Life Company is committed to responsible land investments. Beyond a proper local stakeholder model, they strive for a healthy balance between productive land and nature. Also, they aspire to contribute to ecosystem restoration, where principles like native species, biodiversity and mosaic landscape design apply. For productive areas the company is committed to projects that reserve sufficient space for eco-agro zones (mix of areas of productive and native trees). The main focus is on developing strong, stress-resistant trees using mycorrhiza fungus, reducing the need for irrigation, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Land Life continuously innovates on the COCOON and planting methodology to improve performance, reduce costs, simplify logistics and adapt to different climate conditions. At their research facility in Amsterdam the parts of the hardware, e.g., different types of wicks and paper material are tested.

Acting as a tree incubator the COCOON nourishes tree seedlings, resulting in high survival rates. It is extremely water efficient as well. The COCOON comprises of a biodegradable water reservoir, buried in the soil surrounding the tree’s roots. Water is slowly released so that losses by evaporation and weeds are prevented. It also includes a shelter protecting seedlings against direct sunlight, desiccating winds and small animals. The COCOON builds on natural principles and well-proven technologies. The design and production process have been optimized to increase the quality of the product and reduce its cost.

Through the planting process, the company also conducts soil tests to better understand planting conditions and to determine what interventions, if any, are required. Based on this analysis, they consult experts to identify what type of mycorrhizae is needed.

On Sept. 11, 2015 the Cocoon won the prestigious Green Challenge award (Postcodeloterij) for the world’s most innovative and promising sustainable initiative.

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