Van Leijen Srl

Van Leijen Srl is a company offering support to public and private entities and partnerships in the realisation of their innovation strategies by means of European cooperation. It assists in the search for suitable European funding and in the management of European projects. Management support activities cover project accountings, reporting, dissemination, technical coordination, networking, compliance management and advisory in contractualization, dissemination, deliverables & amendments.

The company was founded by Gertruud van Leijen, after more than 10 years of experience in the field as a professional consultant operating in a sole proprietorship.

A large experience has been built in the development and management of small and big projects funded by a variety of European funds, such as INTERREG, Europeaid, FP7, Horizon2020 and 14 LIFE projects. Project themes dealt with varied from labour market and migration; to ICT for structural health monitoring and security; industrial environmental innovations (especially in minerals, glass and composite sectors), agricultural and forestry initiatives and hydrogeology research.

The company actually comprises the director and 2 permanent staff members, broadly experienced in all aspects of LIFE project management, dissemination and networking, communicating in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch and with a passive knowledge of German and Romanian.

Within the project, Van Leijen Srl will assist the Coordinating Beneficiary in the technical and financial monitoring of the project; the collection and verification of accounting documents and financial reports; the draft of periodic reports& the communications with the LIFE programme management. It will assist in supporting the organisation of a seminar, addressing stakeholders & target groups with regular news on the project, drafting press releases and networking with other projects. Lastly it will provide for regular updates of the project website.